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Host genus: Aonidiella
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Associate order: Hemiptera
Associate: Aonidiella orientalis
Chalcidoid family:  Azotidae
      Ablerus chionaspidis    primary host
Associate: Aonidiella taxus
Chalcidoid family:  Aphelinidae
      Aphytis sp.    primary host
      Aphytis chrysomphali    primary host
      Aphytis japonicus    primary host
      Aphytis yasumatsui    primary host
      Encarsia sp.    primary host
      Encarsia citrina    primary host
      Encarsia fasciata    primary host
      Encarsia lounsburyi    primary host
Chalcidoid family:  Encyrtidae
      Comperiella bifasciata    primary host
      Pseudhomalopoda prima    primary host
Associate: Aonidiella tinerfensis
Chalcidoid family:  Aphelinidae
      Encarsia citrina    primary host