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Associate order: Hymenoptera
Associate: Formicidae unspecified sp.
Chalcidoid family:  Agaonidae
      Sycophaga cyclostigma    associate
Chalcidoid family:  Aphelinidae
      Aphelinus gossypii    associate
      Coccophagus brachypterus    associate
Chalcidoid family:  Encyrtidae
      Anagyrus agraensis    associate
      Metaphycus luteolus    associate
      Prionomitus mitratus    associate
Chalcidoid family:  Eucharitidae
      Chalcura affinis    primary host
      Orasema coloradensis    primary host
      Orasema viridis    primary host
      Pseudometagea schwarzii    primary host
Chalcidoid family:  Pteromalidae
      Pachyneuron aphidis    associate
      Pachyneuron muscarum    associate
Chalcidoid family:  Trichogrammatidae
      Trichogramma exiguum    associate