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Host genus: Sitophilus
Host species: oryzae
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Associate order: Coleoptera
Associate: Sitophilus oryzae
Chalcidoid family:  Pteromalidae
      Anisopteromalus calandrae    primary host
      Cerocephala sp.    primary host
      Cerocephala dinoderi    associate
      Cerocephala dinoderi    primary host
      Dibrachys microgastri    primary host
      Eurydinoteloides incerta    primary host
      Hypopteromalus tabacum    primary host
      Lariophagus distinguendus    primary host
      Meraporus requisitus    primary host
      Pteromalus cerealellae    primary host
      Theocolax sp.    primary host
      Theocolax elegans    associate
      Theocolax elegans    primary host