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Host genus: Nipaecoccus
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Associate order: Hemiptera
Associate: Nipaecoccus viridis
Chalcidoid family:  Encyrtidae
      Homalotylus albiclavatus    associate
      Homalotylus albiclavatus    primary host
      Homalotylus eytelweinii    associate
      Homalotylus eytelweinii    primary host
      Homalotylus flaminius    associate
      Homalotylus flaminius    primary host
      Homalotylus hemipterinus    primary host
      Homalotylus indicus    associate
      Homalotylus quaylei    primary host
      Homalotylus quaylei    associate
      Isodromus sp.    associate
      Leptomastidea alleni    primary host
      Leptomastidea usta    associate
      Leptomastix sp.    primary host
      Leptomastix dactylopii    primary host
      Leptomastix flava    primary host
      Leptomastix gunturiensis    primary host
      Leptomastix nigrocoxalis    primary host
      Leptomastix nigrocoxalis    plant associate
      Praleurocerus viridis    primary host
      Prochiloneurus sp.    primary host
      Prochiloneurus aegyptiacus    primary host
      Prochiloneurus agarwali    primary host
      Prochiloneurus albifuniculus    primary host
      Prochiloneurus comperei    primary host
      Prochiloneurus io    primary host
      Prochiloneurus javanicus    associate
      Prochiloneurus pulchellus    primary host
      Prochiloneurus testaceus    primary host
      Pseudectroma gilvum    primary host
Records 151 - 180 of 193
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