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Host genus: Dasineura
Host species: leguminicola
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Associate order: Diptera
Associate: Dasineura leguminicola
Chalcidoid family:  Eulophidae
      Aprostocetus gaus    primary host
      Aprostocetus lycidas    primary host
      Aprostocetus nebraskensis    primary host
      Aprostocetus pausiris    primary host
      Aprostocetus roesellae    primary host
      Aprostocetus zosimus    primary host
      Tetrastichus sp.    primary host
Chalcidoid family:  Eurytomidae
      Bruchophagus gibbus    primary host
      Eurytoma sp.    primary host
Chalcidoid family:  not specified
      Polynema striaticorne    primary host
Chalcidoid family:  Torymidae
      Pseudotorymus lazulellus    primary host