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Host genus: Aster
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Associate: Aster muricatus
Chalcidoid family:  Encyrtidae
      Gyranusoidea austrina    plant associate
      Gyranusoidea signata    plant associate
Associate: Aster novae-angliae
Chalcidoid family:  not specified
      Anagrus virginiae    plant associate
      Erythmelus klopomor    plant associate
Associate: Aster occidentalis
Chalcidoid family:  Eurytomidae
      Eurytoma sp.    plant associate
Chalcidoid family:  Pteromalidae
      Mesopolobus sp.    plant associate
      Pteromalus sp.    plant associate
Associate: Aster ramulosus
Chalcidoid family:  not specified
      Megastigmus asteri    plant associate
Associate: Aster spinosus
Chalcidoid family:  Pteromalidae
      Lariophagus texanus    plant associate
Chalcidoid family:  Torymidae
      Torymus umbilicatus    plant associate
Associate: Aster tripolium
Chalcidoid family:  Eulophidae
      Dicladocerus westwoodii    plant associate
Chalcidoid family:  Pteromalidae
      Asaphes vulgaris    plant associate
      Pteromalus tripolii    plant associate