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africana Ogloblin and Annecke
ambrae Viggiani
show synonyms of <Camptoptera angustipennis> angustipennis Ogloblin
assamensis Rehmat and Anis
show synonyms of <Camptoptera brevicornis> brevicornis (Soyka)
brevifuniculata Subba Rao
brunnea Dozier
show synonyms of <Camptoptera camptopteroides> camptopteroides (Girault)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera cardui> cardui (Foerster)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera clavata> clavata Provancher
cloacae Taguchi
concava Taguchi
show synonyms of <Camptoptera diademata> diademata (Mathot)
doptera Triapitsyn
dravida Subba Rao
dryophantae Kieffer
elongatula Kryger
show synonyms of <Camptoptera enocki> enocki (Howard)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera fenestrarum> fenestrarum (Girault)
franciscae (Debauche)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera franciscae> franciscae (Debauche)
fuga Triapitsyn
gregi Girault
immensa Girault
jthuberi Triapitsyn
kannada Subba Rao
longifuniculata Viggiani
show synonyms of <Camptoptera loretoensis> loretoensis Ogloblin
show synonyms of <Camptoptera magna> magna Soyka
show synonyms of <Camptoptera matcheta> matcheta Subba Rao
minorui Taguchi
minutissima Dozier
hide synonyms missionica Ogloblin
Camptoptera missionica Ogloblin
Camptoptera (Camptoptera) missionica Ogloblin
show synonyms of <Camptoptera muiri> muiri (Perkins)
okadomei Taguchi
show synonyms of <Camptoptera papaveris> papaveris Foerster
philippina Taguchi
poptera Triapitsyn
pretoriensis Ogloblin and Annecke
protuberculata Viggiani
psocivora Mathot
show synonyms of <Camptoptera punctum> punctum (Shaw)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera reticulata> reticulata Ogloblin
sakaii Taguchi
scholli Ogloblin and Annecke
semialbata Ogloblin and Annecke
show synonyms of <Camptoptera serenellae> serenellae Viggiani
stoptera Triapitsyn
sycophila (Ghesquiere)
taenia Taguchi
taiwana Taguchi
tuberculata Viggiani
vanharteni Viggiani and Jesu
vinea Taguchi
yamagishii Taguchi
zagvozdka Triapitsyn

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.