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acrostigmus Grissell
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus aeneus> aeneus (Fonscolombe)
aeneus (Fonscolombe)
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus aereus> aereus Walker
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus anthidiorum> anthidiorum (Lucas)
argentinus Brethes
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus bakeri> bakeri Gahan
brevicrus Grissell
canariensis Hedqvist
clementi Grissell
cubensis Gahan
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus dentipes> dentipes (Dalman)
desantisi Grissell
dianthidii Gahan
indiscretus Gahan
japonicus Ashmead
kazakhstanicus Grissell and Zerova
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus laricis> laricis Mayr
laticornis Grissell and Zerova
longianellus Xiao and Zhao
lymantriae Narendran
mandibularis Gahan
menticle Grissell
mexicanus Gahan
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus minor> minor (Ratzeburg)
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus montivagus> montivagus Ashmead
noyesi Narendran
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus obscurus> obscurus Westwood
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus osmiae> osmiae Kamijo
parkeri Grissell
primaevus Brues
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus rasputin> rasputin Fernando
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus rugulosus> rugulosus Thomson
schrottkyi Brethes
strobili Mayr
tectus Grissell
tepedinoi Grissell
thorpi Grissell
torchioi Grissell
usticensis Riggio and De Stefani
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus vicicellae> vicicellae (Walker)
show synonyms of <Monodontomerus viridiscapus> viridiscapus Gahan

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.