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annulata De Santis
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea armigera> armigera Manjunath
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea bactrae> bactrae Nagaraja
bennetti Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea brasiliensis> brasiliensis (Ashmead)
brevicaudata Nagaraja and Prashanth
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea citri> citri (Risbec)
cojuangcoi Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea combretae> combretae (Risbec)
cryptophlebiae Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea eldanae> eldanae Viggiani
flava Girault
fulva Nagaraja
fumata Nagaraja
fumata Nagaraja
guamensis Nagaraja
hypsipylae Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea kayo> kayo (Risbec)
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea lutea> lutea Girault
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea nana> nana (Zehntner)
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea nodicornis> nodicornis (Westwood)
prabhakeri Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea robusta> robusta Nagaraja
ruficolorata Nagaraja and Prashanth
ruficorpa Yousuf and Hassan
signiphoroides Brethes
simmondsi Nagaraja
show synonyms of <Trichogrammatoidea stammeri> stammeri (Novicky)
tenuigonadium Tian and Lin
thoseae Nagaraja

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.