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show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes ajax> ajax (Girault)
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes albiclavus> albiclavus Girault
albitarse (Kieffer)
anellarius LaSalle
anexochus LaSalle
aulafrons LaSalle
basilaris LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes bifasciatifrons> bifasciatifrons Girault
brasilianus Perioto and Lara
brevisulcus LaSalle
cajaninae LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes calliandrae> calliandrae Perioto and Lara
carinatus LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes coccophagus> coccophagus (Blanchard)
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes coeruleus> coeruleus (Kieffer)
desantisi LaSalle
dilatus LaSalle
dominicensis LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes eja> eja (Girault)
emarginatus LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes eupelmiformis> eupelmiformis (Girault)
fernandesi LaSalle
fisheri LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes flavicorpus> flavicorpus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes globosus> globosus Girault
gracilis LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes haematoxyli> haematoxyli (Dozier)
horacioi Perioto and Lara
howardii Ashmead
insculptus LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes kiefferi> kiefferi (Mayr)
koebelei LaSalle
larsoni LaSalle
latiscapus LaSalle
lini Chou and Huang
madrensis LaSalle
mayri Ashmead
mecanga Penteado-Dias and Carvalho
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes megalarus> megalarus (Walker)
meltoni LaSalle
mexicanus LaSalle
minutus LaSalle
mosesi LaSalle
peruviensis LaSalle
pithecellobiae LaSalle
puerariae Yang and Pitts
punctus LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes ringueleti> ringueleti (Brethes)
shrek Hardwick, Harper, Houghton, La Salle, La Salle, Mullaney and La Salle
silviae Girault
sonorensis LaSalle
sulcatus LaSalle
tambotis Prinsloo and LaSalle
tenuisulcus LaSalle
tescus LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes tetartus> tetartus Crawford
tricolor LaSalle
triplaris LaSalle
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes trotteri> trotteri (Russo)
tychii Ashmead
unifascia Girault
show synonyms of <Tanaostigmodes velasquezi> velasquezi (Girault)
viridis LaSalle
xanthogaster LaSalle
yuohuae LaSalle

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.