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adiyamanus Doganlar and Doganlar
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus aeneicornis> aeneicornis Ratzeburg
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus aeneicorpus> aeneicorpus (Girault)
akcakalenus Doganlar and Doganlar
attenuatus Foerster
besnilus Doganlar and Doganlar
brevicornis Foerster
cecus Narendran
clypeatus Riek
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus coeruleovirens> coeruleovirens Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus dentatus> dentatus (Boucek)
dortyolus Doganlar and Doganlar
dubius Foerster
elegans Darling
ellipticus Foerster
excellens Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus foersteri> foersteri Dalla Torre
fuscimanus Foerster
gencerae Doganlar and Doganlar
gibbosus Foerster
gilvipes Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus granulatus> granulatus Foerster
hirtus Riek
improcerus Darling
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus indubitatus> indubitatus Foerster
interruptus Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus japonicus> japonicus (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus laevipetiolatus> laevipetiolatus Foerster
luridus Darling
madagascariensis (Risbec)
niger Hedqvist
nimbae (Risbec)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus oblongiscutellum> oblongiscutellum (Girault)
pachymerus Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus pallitarsis> pallitarsis Foerster
pazarcikus Doganlar and Doganlar
picturatus Riek
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus prominens> prominens (Ruschka)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus punctatus> punctatus (Foerster)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus rufitarsis> rufitarsis (Foerster)
scapularis Ratzeburg
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus schwarzi> schwarzi Crawford
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus shurik> shurik (Nikolskaya)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus silvensis> silvensis (Girault)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus sisymbrii> sisymbrii (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus splendidulus> splendidulus (Spinola)
subcarinatus Foerster
tenuiscapus Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus thenae> thenae (Walker)
transversus Foerster
show synonyms of <Chrysolampus verae> verae (Nikolskaya)
yayladagus Doganlar and Doganlar

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.