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aegypticus Abd-Rabou
albicaput Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus aleuroides> aleuroides (Husain and Agarwal)
show synonyms of <Ablerus aligarhensis> aligarhensis (Khan and Shafee)
amarantus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus americanus> americanus Girault
aonidiellae Hayat
arboris Girault
argentiscapus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus atomon> atomon (Walker)
baeusoides Girault
bajacalifornicus Myartseva
beenleighi Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus bharathius> bharathius (Subba Rao)
bicinctipes Girault
bidentatus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus bifasciatus> bifasciatus (Girault)
biguttatibiae Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus calvus> calvus (Huang)
show synonyms of <Ablerus capensis> capensis (Howard)
show synonyms of <Ablerus celsus> celsus (Walker)
celsus (Walker)
show synonyms of <Ablerus chionaspidis> chionaspidis (Howard)
show synonyms of <Ablerus chrysomphali> chrysomphali (Ghesquiere)
ciliatus De Santis
show synonyms of <Ablerus clisiocampae> clisiocampae (Ashmead)
connectens Silvestri
show synonyms of <Ablerus crassus> crassus (De Santis)
show synonyms of <Ablerus delhiensis> delhiensis (Lal)
diana Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus dozieri> dozieri (Darling and Johnson)
elegantissimus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus elegantulus> elegantulus (Silvestri)
emersoni Girault
fasciarius Wang, Huang and Polaszek
show synonyms of <Ablerus floccosus> floccosus (Huang)
gargarae Hayat
gratus Girault
grotiusi Girault
hastatus Girault
howardii Girault
hyalinus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus inquirenda> inquirenda Silvestri
show synonyms of <Ablerus lepidus> lepidus (De Santis)
leucopidis Blanchard
longfellowi Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus macchiae> macchiae (Annecke and Insley)
show synonyms of <Ablerus macilentus> macilentus (De Santis)
macrochaeta Silvestri
magistrettii Blanchard
mexicanus Myartseva
miricilia Girault
molestus Blanchard
nelsoni Girault
novicornis Girault
nympha Girault
palauensis Doutt
pan Girault
perfuscipennis De Santis
perspeciosus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Ablerus perspeciosus> perspeciosus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus peruvianus> peruvianus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus pexus> pexus (Huang)
piceipes Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus pinifoliae> pinifoliae (Mercet)
pius Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus platensis> platensis (Brethes)
show synonyms of <Ablerus plesius> plesius (Annecke and Insley)
plinii Girault
poincarei Girault
promacchiae Viggiani and Ren
show synonyms of <Ablerus pulcherrimus> pulcherrimus (Mercet)
pulchriceps Zehntner
pullicornis Girault
pumilus Annecke and Insley
punctatus Girault
rhea Girault
romae Girault
saintpierrei Girault
semifuscipennis (Girault)
show synonyms of <Ablerus separaspidis> separaspidis (Annecke and Insley)
sidneyi Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus similis> similis (De Santis)
socratis Girault
socrus Girault
speciosissimus (Girault)
speciosus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus stylatus> stylatus (Mercet)
totifuscipennis Girault
unnotipennis Girault
venustulus Girault
show synonyms of <Ablerus williamsi> williamsi (Annecke and Insley)
xenex Hayat

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.