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show families in superfamily <Serphitoidea> Serphitoidea
show families in superfamily <Mymarommatoidea> Mymarommatoidea
hide families Chalcidoidea
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show synonyms of <Microdontomerus albipes> albipes (Giraud)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus altinekinesis> altinekinesis Doganlar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus annulatus> annulatus (Spinola)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus anthidii> anthidii (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus anthonomi> anthonomi (Crawford)
apianus Grissell
balikesirensis Doganlar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus bicoloripes> bicoloripes (Crawford)
braconivorus Grissell
buprestae Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus carayoni> carayoni (Steffan)
ciscida Grissell
darwini Grissell
direklinensis Doganlar
eboreus Grissell
enigma Grissell
hide synonyms ephedricola (Askew)
Idiomacromerus ephedricola Askew
Microdontomerus ephedricola (Askew)
erzurumensis Doganlar
fumipennis Crawford
gallicolus Zerova and Seryogina
gordhi Grissell
gurcukoyensis Doganlar
hemileucae Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus iridis> iridis (Picard)
kahramanmarasensis Doganlar and Aslan
kayserinensis Doganlar
kocakeri Dognalar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus longicornis> longicornis (Askew)
maculosacus Dognalar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus mesoplanus> mesoplanus (Askew and Nieves-Aldrey)
mysticus Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus ovivorus> ovivorus (Steffan)
parkeri Grissell
rictus Grissell
secus Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus senegalensis> senegalensis (Risbec)
sivasensis Doganlar
ulukislanensis Doganlar
westcotti Grissell
yigiti Dognalar
zoyphius Grissell

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.