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show families in superfamily <Serphitoidea> Serphitoidea
show families in superfamily <Mymarommatoidea> Mymarommatoidea
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show synonyms of <Microdontomerus albipes> albipes (Giraud)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus altinekinesis> altinekinesis Doganlar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus annulatus> annulatus (Spinola)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus anthidii> anthidii (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus anthonomi> anthonomi (Crawford)
apianus Grissell
balikesirensis Doganlar
hide synonyms bicoloripes (Crawford)
Antistrophoplex bicoloripes Crawford
Microdontomerus bicoloripes (Crawford)
braconivorus Grissell
buprestae Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus carayoni> carayoni (Steffan)
ciscida Grissell
darwini Grissell
direklinensis Doganlar
eboreus Grissell
enigma Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus ephedricola> ephedricola (Askew)
erzurumensis Doganlar
fumipennis Crawford
gallicolus Zerova and Seryogina
gordhi Grissell
gurcukoyensis Doganlar
hemileucae Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus iridis> iridis (Picard)
kahramanmarasensis Doganlar and Aslan
kayserinensis Doganlar
kocakeri Dognalar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus longicornis> longicornis (Askew)
maculosacus Dognalar
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus mesoplanus> mesoplanus (Askew and Nieves-Aldrey)
mysticus Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus ovivorus> ovivorus (Steffan)
parkeri Grissell
rictus Grissell
secus Grissell
show synonyms of <Microdontomerus senegalensis> senegalensis (Risbec)
sivasensis Doganlar
ulukislanensis Doganlar
westcotti Grissell
yigiti Dognalar
zoyphius Grissell

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.