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show synonyms of <Calosota acron> acron (Walker)
show synonyms of <Calosota aestivalis> aestivalis Curtis
affinis Hedqvist
agrili Nikolskaya
albipalpus Gibson
ariasi Bolivar y Pieltain
show synonyms of <Calosota aristidae> aristidae (Risbec)
beharae (Risbec)
bicolorata Gibson
bolivari Askew
capensis Hedqvist
show synonyms of <Calosota cecidobius> cecidobius (Kieffer)
show synonyms of <Calosota charitolophoides> charitolophoides (Girault)
conifera Yang
cryphali Yang
show synonyms of <Calosota curculionis> curculionis (Risbec)
cyanea Hedqvist
dusmeti Bolivar y Pieltain
elongata Gibson
ferrierei Hedqvist
flavostylus Hedqvist
show synonyms of <Calosota frequens> frequens (Masi)
grylli Erdos
show synonyms of <Calosota halyomorphae> halyomorphae (Risbec)
herodoti Girault
show synonyms of <Calosota hirsutioculus> hirsutioculus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Calosota hyalina> hyalina (Hedqvist)
idukkiensis Narendran and Bijoy
incognita Nikolskaya
iochroma Narendran
koraiensis Yang
kottiyoorica Narendran and Anitha
show synonyms of <Calosota ligniphila> ligniphila (Risbec)
longivena Gibson
show synonyms of <Calosota longiventris> longiventris (Ashmead)
mateui Ferriere
show synonyms of <Calosota metallica> metallica (Gahan)
modesta Bolivar y Pieltain
nitens Askew
show synonyms of <Calosota obscura> obscura Ruschka
show synonyms of <Calosota pagana> pagana (Girault)
panamaensis Gibson
parva Girault
plutarchi Girault
pumilae Yang
punctata Hedqvist
purpurata Hedqvist
show synonyms of <Calosota risbeci> risbeci Boucek
robusta Hedqvist
saharensis Ferriere
setosa Gibson
shyama Narendran
sinensis Ferriere
speculifrons Gibson
stoma Narendran
subaenea Masi
subulata (Swederus)
testaceipes Hedqvist
tullii Girault
turneri Hedqvist
varipunctata Girault
show synonyms of <Calosota vernalis> vernalis Curtis
show synonyms of <Calosota versicolor> versicolor (Risbec)
violascens Masi
show synonyms of <Calosota worcesteri> worcesteri (Girault)

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.