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show synonyms of <Rileya abnormicornis> abnormicornis (Ashmead)
albicornis Kieffer
antennata Gates
antioquia Gates
asiatica Zerova
atopogaster Gates
auranti Gates
bicolor Gates
bisulcata Gates
bumeliae Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya canalicoxa> canalicoxa Subba Rao
show synonyms of <Rileya carinaegaster> carinaegaster Subba Rao
cattleyae Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya cearae> cearae (Crawford)
show synonyms of <Rileya cecidomyiae> cecidomyiae Ashmead
clarki Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya collaris> collaris (Howard)
columbar Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya couridae> couridae (Cameron)
desantisi Subba Rao
show synonyms of <Rileya doganlari> doganlari Cam
gallicola Kieffer
show synonyms of <Rileya gastros> gastros Gates
gigas Subba Rao
glabra Gates
gracilis Gates
grisselli Gates
guatemalae Gates
hansoni Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya haumani> haumani (Brethes)
show synonyms of <Rileya hegeli> hegeli Girault
heratyi Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya heterogaster> heterogaster Gahan
infuscata Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya insularis> insularis (Ashmead)
laeliae Gates
longitergum Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya megastigma> megastigma (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Rileya mellea> mellea Ashmead
mimica Gates
minuta Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya nigra> nigra (Gomes)
obscura Gates
oculiseta Gates
oncidii Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya orbitalis> orbitalis Ashmead
orchideara Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya pallidipes> pallidipes (Ashmead)
panamae Gates
paraplesius Gates
petiolata Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya piercei> piercei Crawford
hide synonyms pulchra (Ashmead)
Ashmeadia pulchra Ashmead
Rileya pulchra (Ashmead)
Rileya (Dillerileya) pulchra (Ashmead)
rhytisma Gates
robusta Gates
scabra Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya spadix> spadix (Girault)
tricolor Gates
violetae Gates
warneri Gates

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.