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show synonyms of <Rileya abnormicornis> abnormicornis (Ashmead)
albicornis Kieffer
antennata Gates
antioquia Gates
asiatica Zerova
atopogaster Gates
auranti Gates
bicolor Gates
bisulcata Gates
bumeliae Gates
hide synonyms canalicoxa Subba Rao
Rileya canalicoxa Subba Rao
Rileya (Dillerileya) canalicoxa Subba Rao
show synonyms of <Rileya carinaegaster> carinaegaster Subba Rao
cattleyae Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya cearae> cearae (Crawford)
show synonyms of <Rileya cecidomyiae> cecidomyiae Ashmead
clarki Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya collaris> collaris (Howard)
columbar Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya couridae> couridae (Cameron)
desantisi Subba Rao
show synonyms of <Rileya doganlari> doganlari Cam
gallicola Kieffer
show synonyms of <Rileya gastros> gastros Gates
gigas Subba Rao
glabra Gates
gracilis Gates
grisselli Gates
guatemalae Gates
hansoni Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya haumani> haumani (Brethes)
show synonyms of <Rileya hegeli> hegeli Girault
heratyi Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya heterogaster> heterogaster Gahan
infuscata Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya insularis> insularis (Ashmead)
laeliae Gates
longitergum Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya megastigma> megastigma (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Rileya mellea> mellea Ashmead
mimica Gates
minuta Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya nigra> nigra (Gomes)
obscura Gates
oculiseta Gates
oncidii Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya orbitalis> orbitalis Ashmead
orchideara Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya pallidipes> pallidipes (Ashmead)
panamae Gates
paraplesius Gates
petiolata Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya piercei> piercei Crawford
show synonyms of <Rileya pulchra> pulchra (Ashmead)
rhytisma Gates
robusta Gates
scabra Gates
show synonyms of <Rileya spadix> spadix (Girault)
tricolor Gates
violetae Gates
warneri Gates

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.