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acidotus Hansson
alticola Hansson
angusticarina Hansson
anthonomi Woolley and Schauff
arcuatus Hansson
show synonyms of <Paracrias arizonensis> arizonensis (Ashmead)
astalineurus Hansson
aucticlavatus Hansson
beus Schauff
caelaminis Hansson
canadensis Gumovsky
cavei Hansson
ceratophaga Palmieri and Hansson
cornutus Hansson
coruscus Hansson
cyaneochlorus Hansson
dolichobasis Hansson
estrigatus Hansson
foveatus Hansson
fulvicrus Hansson
gigas Hansson
gigaspis Hansson
gigops Hansson
gnomus Hansson
godoyae Hansson
gracilentus Hansson
graciliclavatus Hansson
grandis Hansson
guatemalensis Schauff
gymnopterus Hansson
huberi Gumovsky
lanceolatus Hansson
laticalcar Gumovsky
laticeps Ashmead
show synonyms of <Paracrias mirus> mirus (Girault)
nasifer Hansson
obliquus Hansson
obtusiclavatus Hansson
oikilaselva Hansson
onconeurus Hansson
ordinatus Hansson
osacola Hansson
oxyclavatus Hansson
pachyceps Hansson
panamensis Gumovsky
pedinus Hansson
petilicornis Hansson
pluteus Hansson
psilopterus Hansson
pubicornis Hansson
quesadai Hansson
reticulatus Hansson
schauffi Gumovsky
stenocornis Hansson
striatus Hansson
strieris Hansson
strigosus Hansson
strii Schauff
sulcifer Hansson
taniclavatus Hansson
trigonatus Hansson
triquetrus Hansson
uoides Hansson
woldai Gumovsky
zurquicola Hansson

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.