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agarwali Ahmad, Khursheed and Azim
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster agromyzae> agromyzae (Dodd)
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster anamudiensis> anamudiensis Sureshan and Narendran
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster aurata> aurata (Ashmead)
beijingensis Huang
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster brevicornis> brevicornis (Walker)
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster brunneicornis> brunneicornis (Ferriere)
burksi Yoshimoto and Ishii
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster carinata> carinata Foerster
ciliatuta Huang
cirrhocornis Huang
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster clavicornis> clavicornis (Foerster)
conchyliatus Heydon
cracentis Heydon and LaBerge
cuscutae Ferriere
cuspidata Huang
diasi Narendran and Harten
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster elegantula> elegantula (Risbec)
euryepomis Heydon and LaBerge
fusca Huang
glabrata Graham
grisselli Heydon
hakonensis (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster hamugurivora> hamugurivora Ishii
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster hexomyzae> hexomyzae Vikberg
hypocyrta Huang
indica Sureshan and Narendran
ineus Mitroiu
intersita Graham
jilinensis Huang
karnatakaensis Sureshan
longicornis Delucchi
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster mutica> mutica Thomson
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster nigricornis> nigricornis (Nees)
obliqua Graham
orobanchiae Kurdjumov
oryzae (Risbec)
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster pallicornis> pallicornis (Spinola)
panda Huang
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster pedunculiventris> pedunculiventris (Spinola)
hide synonyms peninsularis (Dubey)
Sphegigaster peninsularis (Dubey)
Trigonogastra peninsularis Dubey
perlonga Boucek
permagna Graham
persiana Mitroiu and Madjdzadeh
plectroniae (Risbec)
pulchra Huang
punensis Sureshan, Fand and Nikhil
reticulata Sureshan and Narendran
salicinus Heydon and LaBerge
schauffi Heydon
scutaecus Narendran and Harten
shica Huang
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster stella> stella (Girault)
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster stepicola> stepicola Boucek
trioni Narendran and Harten
trukensis Yoshimoto and Ishii
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster truncata> truncata Thomson
venusta Huang
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster voltairei> voltairei (Girault)
yapensis Yoshimoto and Ishii
show synonyms of <Sphegigaster yunnanensis> yunnanensis Ozdikmen

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.