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show synonyms of <Macroglenes bouceki> bouceki (Graham)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes brevicornis> brevicornis (Nees)
caudatus Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes chalybeus> chalybeus (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes clypeatus> clypeatus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes compressus> compressus (Foerster)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes congener> congener (Girault)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes conjungens> conjungens (Graham)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes eximius> eximius (Haliday)
fidanlinensis Doganlar
gibsoni Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes gramineus> gramineus (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes herbaceus> herbaceus (Graham)
hokkaidensis Mitroiu
incisiclypeatus Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes ipswichi> ipswichi (Girault)
japonicus Mitroiu
kuwatus Mitroiu
longiclava Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes marylandicus> marylandicus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes microcerus> microcerus Haliday
nigroclypeatus Amerling and Kirchner
noyesi Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes paludum> paludum (Graham)
hide synonyms penetrans (Kirby)
Decatoma penetrans (Kirby)
Ichneumon penetrans Kirby
Macroglenes brevicornis Thomson
Macroglenes decipiens (Graham)
Macroglenes oculatus Westwood
Macroglenes penetrans (Kirby)
Macroglennes decipiens (Graham)
Macroglennes penetrans (Kirby)
Pirene decipiens Graham
Pirene penetrans (Kirby)
samurai Mitroiu
sivani Narendran and Sureshan
sulawensis Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes varicornis> varicornis (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes yuasai> yuasai (Ishii)
zdeneki Mitroiu

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.