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africana Ogloblin and Annecke
ambrae Viggiani
show synonyms of <Camptoptera angustipennis> angustipennis Ogloblin
assamensis Rehmat and Anis
show synonyms of <Camptoptera brevicornis> brevicornis (Soyka)
brevifuniculata Subba Rao
brunnea Dozier
show synonyms of <Camptoptera camptopteroides> camptopteroides (Girault)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera cardui> cardui (Foerster)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera clavata> clavata Provancher
cloacae Taguchi
concava Taguchi
show synonyms of <Camptoptera diademata> diademata (Mathot)
doptera Triapitsyn
dravida Subba Rao
dryophantae Kieffer
elongatula Kryger
show synonyms of <Camptoptera enocki> enocki (Howard)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera fenestrarum> fenestrarum (Girault)
franciscae (Debauche)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera franciscae> franciscae (Debauche)
fuga Triapitsyn
gregi Girault
immensa Girault
jthuberi Triapitsyn
kannada Subba Rao
longifuniculata Viggiani
show synonyms of <Camptoptera loretoensis> loretoensis Ogloblin
show synonyms of <Camptoptera magna> magna Soyka
show synonyms of <Camptoptera matcheta> matcheta Subba Rao
minorui Taguchi
minutissima Dozier
show synonyms of <Camptoptera missionica> missionica Ogloblin
show synonyms of <Camptoptera muiri> muiri (Perkins)
okadomei Taguchi
hide synonyms papaveris Foerster
Camptoptera aequilonga Soyka
Camptoptera andradae Soyka
Camptoptera annulata Soyka
Camptoptera colorata Soyka
Camptoptera grandithoracala Guo and Wang
Camptoptera intermedia Soyka
Camptoptera interposita Soyka
Camptoptera papaveris Foerster
Camptoptera parva Soyka
Camptoptera pulla Girault
Camptoptera saintpierrei Girault
Camptoptera setipaupera Soyka
Camptoptera tenuis Soyka
Camptoptera transilvanica (Botoc)
Camptoptera (Camptoptera) pulla Girault
Sphegilla transilvanica Botoc
philippina Taguchi
poptera Triapitsyn
pretoriensis Ogloblin and Annecke
protuberculata Viggiani
psocivora Mathot
show synonyms of <Camptoptera punctum> punctum (Shaw)
show synonyms of <Camptoptera reticulata> reticulata Ogloblin
sakaii Taguchi
scholli Ogloblin and Annecke
semialbata Ogloblin and Annecke
show synonyms of <Camptoptera serenellae> serenellae Viggiani
stoptera Triapitsyn
sycophila (Ghesquiere)
taenia Taguchi
taiwana Taguchi
tuberculata Viggiani
vanharteni Viggiani and Jesu
vinea Taguchi
yamagishii Taguchi
zagvozdka Triapitsyn

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.