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hide species Stictomischus
alveolus Huang
apoianus Kamijo
bellus Huang
cumatilis Delucchi
curvatus Kamijo
elongatus Kamijo
fortis Huang
gangtokicus Narendran
show synonyms of <Stictomischus gibbus> gibbus (Walker)
groschkei Delucchi
haleakalae Ashmead
hirsutus Huang
japonicus Kamijo
lanceus Huang
show synonyms of <Stictomischus lesches> lesches (Walker)
longiventris Thomson
longus Huang
maculatus Delucchi
marginatus Kamijo
miniatus Delucchi
momoii Kamijo
nitens Huang
show synonyms of <Stictomischus nitentis> nitentis Delucchi
hide synonyms obscurus (Walker)
Chrysolampus splendens Foerster
Chrysolampus subquadratus Foerster
Lamprotatus mallius Walker
Lamprotatus obscuripennis (Walker)
Lamprotatus obscurus (Walker)
Miscogaster chrysochlora Walker
Miscogaster obscura Walker
Miscogaster obscuripennis Walker
Pachyneuron splendens (Foerster)
Stictomischus obscurus (Walker)
processus Huang
remotus Boucek
scaposus Thomson
show synonyms of <Stictomischus tumidus> tumidus (Walker)
turneri Sureshan
show synonyms of <Stictomischus varitumidus> varitumidus Huang

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.