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show synonyms of <Psilocera americana> americana (Ashmead)
babiae De Santis
brachycoxae (Risbec)
show synonyms of <Psilocera brasiliensis> brasiliensis (Ashmead)
caldericola Askew
show synonyms of <Psilocera californica> californica (Ashmead)
clavata Sureshan and Narendran
show synonyms of <Psilocera clavicornis> clavicornis (Ashmead)
show synonyms of <Psilocera concolor> concolor (Thomson)
confusa Graham
show synonyms of <Psilocera crassispina> crassispina (Thomson)
ghanii Subba Rao
hide synonyms grahami Ozdikmen
Psilocera grahami Ozdikmen
Psilocera rufipes Graham
heydoni Sureshan
intermedia Sureshan
keralensis Sureshan
show synonyms of <Psilocera magniclavata> magniclavata (Ashmead)
manickai Sureshan, Raseena Farsana and Nikhil
show synonyms of <Psilocera mexicana> mexicana (Ashmead)
namdaphaensis Sureshan
neoclavicornis Narendran and Girish Kumar
show synonyms of <Psilocera nicaeensis> nicaeensis (Dalla Torre)
show synonyms of <Psilocera obscura> obscura Walker
show synonyms of <Psilocera pandens> pandens (Walker)
show synonyms of <Psilocera pulchricornis> pulchricornis (Girault)
show synonyms of <Psilocera punctifrons> punctifrons (Thomson)
show synonyms of <Psilocera rufipes> rufipes (Ashmead)
scutellata Sureshan
seiugata Graham
show synonyms of <Psilocera tennysoni> tennysoni (Girault)
show synonyms of <Psilocera verticillata> verticillata (Foerster)
vinayaki Sureshan and Narendran

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.