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aciliatum Huang and Liao
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron ahlaense> ahlaense Mani and Saraswat
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron albutius> albutius Walker
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron altiscuta> altiscuta Howard
anthomyiae Howard
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron aphidis> aphidis (Bouche)
bangalorensis Sureshan
bonum Xu and Li
californicum Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron chambaense> chambaense Mani and Saraswat
chilocori Domenichini
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron coccorum> coccorum (Linnaeus)
crassiculme Waterston
danium Narendran
doraphis Kamijo and Takada
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron emersoni> emersoni Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron eros> eros Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron erzurumicum> erzurumicum Doganlar
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron eurygaster> eurygaster De Santis
hide synonyms flavipes (Foerster)
Chrysolampus syrphi Ratzeburg
Pachyneuron flavipes (Foerster)
Pachyneuron syrphi (Ratzeburg)
Pteromalus flavipes Foerster
fomium Narendran and Abhilash
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron formosum> formosum Walker
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron fuscipes> fuscipes De Santis
gibbiscuta Thomson
grande Thomson
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron groenlandicum> groenlandicum (Holmgren)
hammari Crawford
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron innoxius> innoxius (Foerster)
kashiensis Huang and Xu
korlense Xiao and Huang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron laticeps> laticeps Ashmead
longiradius Silvestri
maoi Xiao and Huang
merum Xiao and Huang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron mucronatum> mucronatum Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron muscarum> muscarum (Linnaeus)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron nelsoni> nelsoni Girault
neosolitarium Narendran
pauliani Risbec
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron piceae> piceae (Ratzeburg)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron planiscuta> planiscuta Thomson
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron porteri> porteri (Brethes)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron ratzeburgi> ratzeburgi Ozdikmen
remosum Narendran and Sheeba
rieki Gibson
sapporense Kamijo and Takada
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron solitarium> solitarium (Hartig)
stom Narendran and Jilcy
syringae Xie and Yang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron syrphicola> syrphicola Ashmead
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron syrphiphagum> syrphiphagum Brethes
texanum Girault
tonyi Narendran and Santhosh
trichon Huang and Xu
validum Waterston
vindex (Rondani)
virginicum Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron vitodurense> vitodurense Delucchi

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.