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show synonyms of <Macroglenes bouceki> bouceki (Graham)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes brevicornis> brevicornis (Nees)
caudatus Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes chalybeus> chalybeus (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes clypeatus> clypeatus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes compressus> compressus (Foerster)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes congener> congener (Girault)
hide synonyms conjungens (Graham)
Macroglenes conjugens (Graham)
Macroglenes conjungens (Graham)
Pirene conjugens Graham
Pirene conjungens Graham
show synonyms of <Macroglenes eximius> eximius (Haliday)
fidanlinensis Doganlar
gibsoni Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes gramineus> gramineus (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes herbaceus> herbaceus (Graham)
hokkaidensis Mitroiu
incisiclypeatus Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes ipswichi> ipswichi (Girault)
japonicus Mitroiu
kuwatus Mitroiu
longiclava Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes marylandicus> marylandicus (Girault)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes microcerus> microcerus Haliday
nigroclypeatus Amerling and Kirchner
noyesi Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes paludum> paludum (Graham)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes penetrans> penetrans (Kirby)
samurai Mitroiu
sivani Narendran and Sureshan
sulawensis Mitroiu
show synonyms of <Macroglenes varicornis> varicornis (Haliday)
show synonyms of <Macroglenes yuasai> yuasai (Ishii)
zdeneki Mitroiu

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.