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aciliatum Huang and Liao
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron ahlaense> ahlaense Mani and Saraswat
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron albutius> albutius Walker
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron altiscuta> altiscuta Howard
anthomyiae Howard
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron aphidis> aphidis (Bouche)
bangalorensis Sureshan
bonum Xu and Li
californicum Girault
hide synonyms chambaense Mani and Saraswat
Pachyneuron chambaense Mani and Saraswat
Pachyneuron chambaensis Mani and Saraswat
Pachyneuron chambense Mani and Saraswat
Pachyneuron jandrighatensis Mani and Saraswat
chilocori Domenichini
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron coccorum> coccorum (Linnaeus)
crassiculme Waterston
danium Narendran
doraphis Kamijo and Takada
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron emersoni> emersoni Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron eros> eros Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron erzurumicum> erzurumicum Doganlar
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron eurygaster> eurygaster De Santis
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron flavipes> flavipes (Foerster)
fomium Narendran and Abhilash
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron formosum> formosum Walker
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron fuscipes> fuscipes De Santis
gibbiscuta Thomson
grande Thomson
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron groenlandicum> groenlandicum (Holmgren)
hammari Crawford
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron innoxius> innoxius (Foerster)
kashiensis Huang and Xu
korlense Xiao and Huang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron laticeps> laticeps Ashmead
longiradius Silvestri
maoi Xiao and Huang
merum Xiao and Huang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron mucronatum> mucronatum Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron muscarum> muscarum (Linnaeus)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron nelsoni> nelsoni Girault
neosolitarium Narendran
pauliani Risbec
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron piceae> piceae (Ratzeburg)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron planiscuta> planiscuta Thomson
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron porteri> porteri (Brethes)
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron ratzeburgi> ratzeburgi Ozdikmen
remosum Narendran and Sheeba
rieki Gibson
sapporense Kamijo and Takada
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron solitarium> solitarium (Hartig)
stom Narendran and Jilcy
syringae Xie and Yang
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron syrphicola> syrphicola Ashmead
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron syrphiphagum> syrphiphagum Brethes
texanum Girault
tonyi Narendran and Santhosh
trichon Huang and Xu
validum Waterston
vindex (Rondani)
virginicum Girault
show synonyms of <Pachyneuron vitodurense> vitodurense Delucchi

NB: This list represents valid Chalcidoid taxa. Family- and genus-group synonyms are not included.