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Primary hosts
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Diaspididae
Aonidiella aurantii
LaSalle, J. 1993, Chapter 8. Parasitic Hymenoptera, biological control and biodiversity. Hymenoptera and biodiversity pp.205 (Eds: LaSalle, J.; Gauld, I.D.) CAB International, Wallingford, UK (ISBN 0-85198-830-X)    
Keywords: Biological control
LaSalle, J.; Gauld, I.D. 1991, Parasitic Hymenoptera and the biodiversity crisis. Redia 74(3)(Appendice):322    
Keywords: Biological control
Liotta, G.; Agro, A.; Perricone, M.C. 1987, Population dynamics for Aonidiella aurantii Mask. (Homoptera: Diaspididae) and its parasitoids on lemon trees in Italy. Integrated pest control in citrus groves; experts meeting, Acireale, Italy, March 26-29, 1985 (600pp) pp.51-58 (Eds: Cavalloro, R.; Di Martino, E.) A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands    
Lizzio, S.; Siscaro, G.; Longo, S. 1998, Analysis of the key factors of mortality of Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) in Sicilian citrus groves. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e Bachicoltura 30(2):165-183    
Luck, R.; Podoler, H. 1980, Competitive displacement among ecological homologues: the Aphytis story in southern California. International Congress of Entomology 16:361    
Keywords: Biological control
Luck, R.F. 1987, The role of scale size in the biological control of California red scale. Integrated pest control in citrus groves; expert's meeting, Acireale, Italy, March 26-29, 1985 (600pp) pp.355-364 A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, Netherlands    
Luck, R.F.; Forster, L.D.; Scriven, G. 2002, Augmentative biological control in North America as a foundation for agricultural pest management: its potential and limitations. Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods, Honolulu, Hawaii, 14-18 January 2002 pp.179 (Ed: Driesche, R.G. van) United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Washington, USA     view Luck, R.F.; Forster, L.D.; Scriven, G.  (2002) in PDF format
Keywords: Biological control Parasitoid type: Primary
Luck, R.F.; Podoler, H. 1985, Competitive exclusion of Aphytis lignanensis by A. melinus; potential role of host size. Ecology 66(3):904-913    
Luck, R.F.; Podoler, H.; Kfir, R. 1982, Host selection and egg allocation behaviour by Aphytis melinus and A. lingnanensis: comparison of two facultatively gregarious parasitoids. Ecological Entomology 7(4):397-408    
Parasitoid type: gregarious
Martinez-Ferrer, M.T.; Grafton-Cardwell, E.E.; Shorey, H.H. 2003, Disruption of parasitism of the California red scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) by three ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Biological Control 26(3):278-286    
Keywords: Laboratory rearing
Records 81 - 90 of 444
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