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Primary hosts
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Diaspididae
Aonidiella aurantii
De Crouzel, I.S.; Tan Jun Jump, R. 1970, Biological control against the Australian red scale. Idia No 269:56    
Keywords: Biological control
De Santis, L. 1979, Catálogo de los himénopteros calcidoideos de América al sur de los Estados Unidos. Publicación Especial Comisión de Investigaciones Cientificas Provincia de Buenos Aires pp.315    
De Santis, L. 1983, Catalogo de los Himenopteros Calcidoideos de America al Sur de los Estados Unidos - Primer Suplemento. Revista Peruana de Entomología 24(1):26    
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DeBach, P. 1971, The use of imported natural enemies in insect pest management ecology. Proceedings. Tall Timbers Conference on Ecological Animal Control by Habitat Management. 3:211-233    
Keywords: Biological control
DeBach, P.; Landi, J. 1961, Establishment and distribution of wasp parasite of California red scale. California Agriculture 15(4):11-12    
Keywords: Biological control
DeBach, P.; Sundby, R.A. 1963, Competitive displacement between ecological homologues. Hilgardia 34:105-166    
Parasitoid type: Ectoparasitoid
Erler, F.; Tunç, I. 2001, A survey (1992-1996) of natural enemies of Diaspididae species in Antalya, Turkey. Phytoparasitica 29(4):299-305     view Erler, F.; Tunç, I.  (2001) in PDF format
Fry, J.M. 1989, Natural enemy databank, 1987. A catalogue of natural enemies of arthropods derived from records in the CIBC Natural Enemy Databank. pp.59 CAB International, Wallingford, Oxford, UK    
Parasitoid type: Primary
Gordh, G. 1979, Family Encyrtidae. Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico 1:895 (Eds: Krombein, K.V.; Hurd, P.D. jr; Smith D.R.; Burks, B.D.) Washington, D.C.    
Records 41 - 50 of 444
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