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Plant hosts
Family: Fabaceae
Acacia sp.
Dennill, G.B.; Donnelly, D.; Stewart, K.; Impson, F.A.C. 1999, Insect agents used for the biological control of Australian Acacia species and Paraserianthes lophantha (Willd.) Nielsen (Fabaceae) in South Africa. African Entomology Memoir No 1:45-54 (Eds: Olckers, T.; Hill, M.P.) Entomological Society of Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa    
Keywords: Biological control
Acacia pycnantha
Dennil, G.B.; Gordon, A.J. 1991, Trichilogaster sp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), a potential biocontrol agent for the weed Acacia pycnantha (Fabaceae). Entomophaga 36(2):295-301    
Keywords: Biological control Parasitoid type: Phytophagous (gall former)
Hoffman, J.H.; Impson, F.A.C.; Moran, V.C.; Donnelly, D. 2002, Biological control of invasive golden wattle trees (Acacia pycnantha) by a gall wasp, Trichilogaster sp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), in South Africa. Biological Control 25(1):64-73    
Parasitoid type: Phytophagous (gall former)