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Primary hosts
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Pseudococcidae
Pseudococcus comstocki
Gordh, G. 1979, Family Encyrtidae. Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico 1:917 (Eds: Krombein, K.V.; Hurd, P.D. jr; Smith D.R.; Burks, B.D.) Washington, D.C.    
Guerrieri, E.; Pellizzari, G. 2009, Parasitoids of Pseudococcus comstocki in Italy, Clausenia purpurea and Chrysoplatycerus splendens: first records from Europe. Bulletin of Insectology 62(2):179,180     view Guerrieri, E.; Pellizzari, G.  (2009) in PDF format
Parasitoid type: Endoparasitoid
Herting, B. 1972, Homoptera. A catalogue of parasites and predators of terrestrial arthropods. Section A. Host or Prey/Enemy. 2:124 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, Slough, England    
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Peck, O. 1963, A catalogue of the Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Insecta; Hymenoptera). Canadian Entomologist (Supplement) 30:352,353    
Keywords: Biological control
Thompson, W.R. 1955, A catalogue of the parasites and predators of insect pests. Section 2. Host parasite catalogue, Part 3. Hosts of the Hymenoptera (Calliceratid to Evaniid). pp.244 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, The Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    
Trjapitzin, V.A. 1989, Parasitic Hymenoptera of the Fam. Encyrtidae of Palaearctics. Opredeliteli po Faune SSSR 158:122 Zoologicheskim Institutom Akademii Nauk SSR, Leningrad    
Xu, Z.H.; Huang, J. 2004, Chinese fauna of parasitic wasps on scale insects pp.109 National Natural Science Foundation of China (ISBN 7-5323-7377-0)    
Pseudococcus cryptus
Blumberg, D.; Ben-Dov, Y.; Gross, S.; Drishpoun, Y.; Mendel, Z. 1999, Outbreaks and biological control of the citriculus mealybug Pseudococcus cryptus Hempel in Israel in the past and present - revaluation and current situation. Alon Ha'notea 53(4):155-160    
Records 21 - 30 of 45
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