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Plant associates
Family: Poaceae
Saccharum officinarum
Rahman, M. 1977, Natural enemies of the top-borer of sugar-cane, Scirpophaga nivella F. in Bangladesh. Indian Journal of Entomology 38(2):101-109    
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Samoedi, D. 1988, Seasonal population fluctuation of sugarcane top borer, Tryporyza nivella intacta Sn. (Pyralidae, Lepidoptera) at Jatitujuh Sugar Plantation. Majalah Perusahaan Gula 24(4):14-21    
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Singh, S.; Dixit, A.; Singh, S.B.; Yadav, S.S. 2002, Naturally occurring key mortality factors of top borer (Scirpophaga excerptalis Wlk.) in sugarcane ratoon in U.P. Proceedings of the 64th Annual Convention of the Sugar Technologists' Association of India, Cochin (Kerala), India, 17th-19th August, 2002 pp.A69-A84 Sugar Technologists' Association of India, New Delhi, India    
Ubandi, H.; Sunaryo; Suryanto, S.J.; Suroyo; Mohyuddin, A.I. 1988, Notes on the biology of Elasmus zehntneri Ferrière and its augmentation for controlling top borer Scirpophaga nivella (F.) at Gunung Madu Plantations, Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia. Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Paksitan Society of Sugar Technologists No 23:243-254    
Verma, M.; Hayat, M.; Kazmi, S.I. 2002, The species of Elasmus from India (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eulophidae). Oriental Insects 36:273     view Verma, M.; Hayat, M.; Kazmi, S.I.  (2002) in PDF format
Family: Rutaceae
Citrus sp.
Barroga, S.F. 1969, Biological notes and control of Citrus leaf miner (Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton) affecting Citrus seedlings. Philippine Journal of Plant Industry 33(1/2):17-36