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Plant associates
Family: Rosaceae
Rosa canina
Lotfalizadeh, H.; Rasplus, J.-Y.; Delvare, G. 2007, Rose gall wasps and their asssociated fauna (Hymenoptera) in Iran. Redia 89:79    
Zerova, M.D.; Tolkanitz, V.I.; Kotenko, A.G.; Seryogina, L.Y.; Diakontshuk, L.A.; Melika, J.G.; Gumovsky, A.V.; Fursov, V.N.; Simutnik, S.A.; Narolsky, N.B.; Stetsenko, I.T. 2006, The types of Ichneumonoidea, Cynipoidea and Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera, Apocrita) deposited in the collection of the Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Vestnik Zoologii, Kiev Supplement 20:66