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Plant associates
Family: Rosaceae
Crataegus sp.
Yasnosh, V.A. 1972, Khalitsidy (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) - parazity koktsid (Homoptera, Coccidae) aridnykh redtolesiy Grusii. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Entomologicheskogo Obshchestva 55:225    
Malus sp.
Japoshvili, G.O. 2000, Checklist of encyrtids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoide: Encyrtidae) in Georgia. Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of Georgia 20:165    
Prunus sp.
Blahutiak, A. 1972, Die Parasiten der Zweitschgenschildlaus (Parthenolecanium corni Bouché) in der CSSR (Hom., Coccidae). Folia Entomologica Hungarica (series nova) 25(15):279-289    
Boucek, Z. 1977, A faunistic review of the Yugoslavian Chalcidoidea (Parasitic Hymenoptera). Acta Entomologica Jugoslavica 13(Supplement):75    
Trjapitzin, V.A. 1989, Parasitic Hymenoptera of the Fam. Encyrtidae of Palaearctics. Opredeliteli po Faune SSSR 158:301 Zoologicheskim Institutom Akademii Nauk SSR, Leningrad    
Family: Salicaceae
Salix sp.
Japoshvili, G.; Karaca, I. 2002, Coccid (Homoptera: Coccoidea) species of Isparta Province, and their parasitoids from Turkey and Georgia. Turkish Journal of Zoology 26(4):372     view Japoshvili, G.; Karaca, I.  (2002) in PDF format
Family: Vitaceae
Vitis vinifera
Sentenac, G.; Kuntzmann, P. 2003, Study of scale insects and their antagonists associated with vineyards in Bourgogne and Alsace during 2000 to 2002. Bulletin. Section Regionale Ouest Palaearctique, Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique. 26(8):247