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Pachyneuron groenlandicum Holmgren, 1872

[ Pteromalidae : Pteromalinae ]
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Pachyneura mitsukurii Ashmead, 1904
Pachyneuron bakrotus Mani and Saraswat, 1974
Pachyneuron barotus Mani and Saraswat
Pachyneuron coeruleum Delucchi, 1955
Pachyneuron groenlandicum (Holmgren, 1872)
Pachyneuron groenlandicus (Holmgren, 1872)
Pachyneuron karnalensis Mani, 1939
Pachyneuron mitsukurii Ashmead, 1904
Pachyneuron umbratum Delucchi, 1955
Pteromalus groenlandicus Holmgren, 1872