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Prochiloneurus pulchellus Silvestri, 1915

[ Encyrtidae : Encyrtinae ]
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Achrysopophagus insolitus Alam, 1961
Achrysopophagus (Parachrysopophagus) insolitus Alam, 1961
Achrysopophagus (Parachrysopophagus) metallicus Agarwal, 1965
Cheiloneurus comperei Annecke and Insley, 1971
Cheiloneurus comperei Hayat, 1972
Cheiloneurus latiscapus Compere, 1938
Prochiloneurus insolitus (Alam, 1961)
Prochiloneurus latiscapus (Compere, 1938)
Prochiloneurus metallicus (Agarwal, 1965)
Prochiloneurus pulchellus Silvestri, 1915