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Encarsia amicula Viggiani and Ren, 1986 has been recorded in the following countries:

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Peoples' Republic of China:
Huang, J.; Polaszek, A. 1998, A revision of the Chinese species of Encarsia Förster (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae): parasitoids of whiteflies, scale insects and aphids (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae, Diaspididae, Aphidoidea). Aphidoidea). Journal of Natural History 32:1842    
Liang, G.Q.; Chen, Z.Y. 1990, A preliminary survey of parasitoid wasps of Hemiberlesia pitysophila. Natural Enemies of Insects 12(1):1-6,20    
Viggiani, G.; Ren Hui 1986, Two new aphelinids from China (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria 'Filippo Silvestri', Portici 43:37-39 (Parasitoid identification correct) [ Near perniciosi. ]     view Viggiani, G.; Ren Hui  (1986) in PDF format
Xu, Z.H.; Huang, J. 2004, Chinese fauna of parasitic wasps on scale insects pp.389 National Natural Science Foundation of China (ISBN 7-5323-7377-0)