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Records of Anagrus Haliday, 1833 in United States of America-Washington:

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Beers, E.H.; Brunner, J.F. 1999, Effects of low rates of esfenvalerate on pest and beneficial species of apple in comparison with a standard program. Journal of Tree Fruit Production 2(2):33-38    
Elsner, E.A.; Beers, E.H. 1990, Yellow sticky board trapping of Typhlocyba pomaria, Edwardsiana rosae, and Anagrus sp. in central Washington. Melanderia 46:57-64    
Gut, L.J.; Brunner, J.F. 1998, Pheromone-based management of codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Washington apple orchards. Journal of Agricultural Entomology 15(4):387-405