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Records of Coccidoxenoides perminutus Girault, 1915 in United States of America-Texas:

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Dean, H.A.; Hart, W.G.; Ingle, S. 1971, Citrus mealybug, a potential problem on Texas grapefruit. Journal of the Rio Grande Valley Horticultural Society 25:46-53    
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Meyerdirk, D.E.; Hart, W.G.; Dean, H.A. 1978, Two newly established primary parasites, Leptomastix dactylopii Howard and Anagyrus sp., found attacking Planococcus citri (Risso) in Texas. Southwestern Entomologist 3(4):295-298    
Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M. 1994, Oriental mealybug parasitoids of the Anagyrini (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) pp.414 CAB International, Oxon, UK [ Parasitoid released in greenhouses in Texas in about 1983 resulting in successful control of Planococcus citri. ]     view Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M.  (1994) in PDF format
Keywords: Greenhouse
Summy, K.R.; French, J.V.; Hart, V.G. 1986, Citrus mealybug, Planococcus citri (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae), on greenhouse citrus. Density dependent regulation by an encyrtid parasite complex. Journal of Economic Entomology 79:891-895    
Keywords: Greenhouse
Trjapitzin, V.A. 1989, Parasitic Hymenoptera of the Fam. Encyrtidae of Palaearctics. Opredeliteli po Faune SSSR 158:117 Zoologicheskim Institutom Akademii Nauk SSR, Leningrad