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Records of Brachymeria tibialis Walker, 1834 in United States of America-Pennsylvania:

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Blumenthal, E.M.; Fusco, R.A.; Reardon, R.C. 1979, Augmentative release of two established parasite species to suppress populations of the gypsy moth. Journal of Economic Entomology 72:281-288    
Keywords: Biological control
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Smilowitz, Z.; Rhodes, L.D. 1973, An assessment of gypsy moth natural enemies in Pennsylvannia. Environmental Entomology 2(5):797-799    
Keywords: Biological control
Ticehurst, M. 1984, Seasonal chronology of gypsy moth parasitism in Pennsylvania. Melsheimer Entomological Series No 34:15-18    
Waldvogel, M.G.; Brown, M.W. 1978, An overwintering site of the gypsy moth parasite, Brachymeria intermedia. Environmental Entomology 7(5):782