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Records of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley, 1879 in United States of America-North Carolina:

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Bouse, L.F.; Morrison, R.K. 1985, Transport, storage, and release of Trichogramma pretiosum. Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No 8:36-48    
Keywords: Biological control
Campbell, C.D.; Walgenbach, J.F.; Kennedy, G.G. 1991, Effect of parasitoids on lepidopterous pests in insectide-treated and untreated tomatoes in western North Carolina. Journal of Economic Entomology 84(6):1662-1667    
Keywords: Biological control
Hung, A.C.F.; Vincent, D.L.; Lopez, J.D.; King, E.G. 1985, Trichogramma (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae) fauna in certain areas of Arkansas and North Carolina, U.S.A. Southwestern Entomologist (Supplement) 8:11-20    
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Keywords: Biological control
King, E.G.; Bull, D.L.; Bouse, L.F.; Phillips, J.R. 1985, Introduction: biological control of Heliothis spp. in cotton by augmentative releases of Trichogramma. Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No 8:1-10    
Keywords: Biological control
King, E.G.; Coleman, R.J.; Phillips, J.R.; Dickerson, W.A. 1985, Heliothis spp. and selected natural enemy populations in cotton: a comparison of three insect control programs in Arkansas (1981-82) and North Carolina (1983). Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No 8:71-98    
Keywords: Biological control
Lopez, J.D. jr; Morrison, R.K. 1985, Parasitization of Heliothis spp. eggs after augmentative releases of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley. Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No 8:119-137    
Keywords: Biological control
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