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Records of Cosmocomoidea oxypygus Foerster, 1856 in United States of America-New York:

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Burks, B.D. 1979, Torymidae (Agaoninae) and all other families of Chalcidoidea (excluding Encyrtidae). (In: Krombein, K.V.; Hurd, P.D. jr.; Smith, D.R.; Burks, B.D., Editors.) Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico 1:1026 Smithsonian Institute Press, Washington, D.C.    
Leonard, M.D.; Crosby, C.R. 1915, A new species of Gonatocerus (Mymaridae) parasitic on the eggs of a new species of Idiocerus (Bythoscopidae) feeding on poplar. Journal of Economic Entomology 8:545 (Parasitoid identification correct)     view Leonard, M.D.; Crosby, C.R.  (1915) in PDF format
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Triapitsyn, S.V. 2013, Genus Gonatocerus Nees ab Esenbeck, 1834 (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) in the Nearctic region: taxonomic notes and descriptions of three new species. Russian Entomological Journal 22(3):212