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Records of Bruchophagus Ashmead, 1888 in United States of America-Montana:

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Fowler, H.G.; Whitford, W.G. 1983, Pre-dispersal seed feeding insects of a desert legume, Astragalus nuttallianus. Southwestern Naturalist 28(4):466-469    
Morrill, W.L.; Ditterline, R.L.; Cash, S.D. 1998, Insect pests and associated root pathogens of sainfoin in western USA. Field Crops Research 59(2):129-134    
Washburn, J.O.; Cornell, H.V. 1979, Chalcid parasitoid attack on a gall wasp population (Acraspis hirta (Hym.: Cynipidae)) on Quercus prinus (Fagaceae). Canadian Entomologist 111(4):396