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Records of Eurytoma pini Bugbee, 1958 in United States of America-Georgia:

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McCravy, K.W.; Berisford, C.W. 2000, Parasitoids of the Nantucket pine tip moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in the coastal plain of Gerogia. Journal of Entomological Science 35(3):220-226    
McCravy, K.W.; Berisford, C.W. 2001, Effects of vegetation control on parasitoids of the Nantucket pine tip moth, Rhyacionia frustrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Florida Entomologist 84(2):282-287     view McCravy, K.W.; Berisford, C.W.  (2001) in PDF format
McCravy, K.W.; Dalusky, M.J.; Berisford, C.W. 2002, Tip moth parasitoids and pesticides: are they compatible? General Technical Report - Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service SRS-51:26-33 (Eds: Berisford, C.W.; Grosman, D.M.)    
Wells, M.L.; Hagan, D.V.; McPherson, R.M. 2001, Survey of parasitoids associated with Rhyacionia frustrana (Comstock) in Bulloch County, Georgia. Journal of Entomological Science 36(1):101-104