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Records of Eupelmus Dalman, 1820 in United States of America-Georgia:

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Dix, M.E.; Franklin, R.T. 1974, Inter- and intraspecific encounters of southern pine beetle parasites under field conditions. Environmental Entomology 3(1):131-134    
Dix, M.E.; Franklin, R.T. 1978, Field biology of three hymenopterous parasitoids of the southern pine beetle. Journal of the Georgia Entomological Society 13(1):71-80    
Ellen, M. 1974, The field biology of hymenopterous southern pine beetle parasites. (PhD thesis, University of Georgia. 192pp.) Dissertation Abstracts International 36(5):1-192 [ Parasitoid possibly Brasema rhadinosa Gibson (see Gibson, 1995:168). ]    
Heyerdahl, R.H.; Dutcher, J.D. 1985, Hymenopterous parasitoids of pecan leafminers. Journal of Entomological Science 20(4):414,420