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Records of Aphelinus albipodus Hayat and Fatima, 1992 in United States of America-Colorado:

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Burd, J.D.; Shufran, K.A.; Elliott, N.C.; French, B.W.; Prokrym, D.A. 2001, Recovery of imported hymenopterous parasitoids released to control Russian wheat aphids in Colorado. Southwestern Entomologist 26(1):23-31    
Keywords: Biological control
Elliott, N.C.; Burd, J.D.; Armstrong, J.S.; Walker, C.B.; Reed, D.K.; Peaira, F.B. 1995, Release and recovery of imported parasitoids of the Russian wheat aphid in eastern Colorado. Southwestern Entomologist 20(2):125-129    
Keywords: Biological control