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Records of Trechnites insidiosus Crawford, 1910 in United States of America-California:

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Gordh, G. 1979, Family Encyrtidae. Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico 1:961 (Eds: Krombein, K.V.; Hurd, P.D. jr; Smith D.R.; Burks, B.D.) Washington, D.C.    
Madsen, H.F.; Westgard, P.H.; Sisson, R.L. 1963, Observations on the natural control of the pear psylla, Psylla pyricola Förster, in California. Canadian Entomologist 95(8):837-844    
Madsen, H.F.; Wong, T.T.Y. 1964, Effects of predators on control of pear psylla. California Agriculture 18(2):2-3    
Nickel, J.L.; Shimizu, J.T.; Wong, T.T.Y. 1965, Studies on natural control of pear psylla in California. Journal of Economic Entomology 58(5):970-976 (Parasitoid identification needs confirmation)    
Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M. 1994, Oriental mealybug parasitoids of the Anagyrini (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) pp.422 CAB International, Oxon, UK     view Noyes, J.S.; Hayat, M.  (1994) in PDF format
Keywords: Biological control