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Records of Ormyrus nitidulus Fabricius, 1804 in United Kingdom-England:

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Jennings, M.T. 2001, Ormyrus papaveris (Perris, 1840) (Hym., Ormyridae) new to Britain. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 137:144    
Schonrogge, K.; Walker, P.; Crawley, M.J. 2000, Parasitoid and inquiline attack in the galls of four alien, cynipid gall wasps: host switches and the effect on parasitoid sex ratios. Ecological Entomology 25(2):212    
Zerova, M.D.; Seryogina, L.Y. 1998, Chalcidoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) - Ormyridae and Torymidae, (Megastigminae) of the Ukrainian fauna. Vestnik Zoologii, Kiev Supplement 7:20