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Records of Systole tuonela Claridge, 1959 in United Kingdom:

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Boucek, Z.; Graham, M.W.R. de V. 1978, Chalcidoidea. (In: Fitton, M.G.; Graham, M.W.R. de V.; Boucek, Z.R.J.; Fergusson, N.D.M.; Huddleston, T.; Quinlan, J.; Richards, O.W. A check list of British Insects, Second Edition.) Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects XI(4):69    
Claridge, M.F. 1959, Notes on the genus Systole Walker, including a previously undescribed species (Hym., Eurytomidae). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 95:42 (Parasitoid identification correct)    
Popescu, I.E. 2009, Torymidae and Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Bucuresti city and the surrounding area. Travaux du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle 'Grigore Antipa', Bucuresti 52:466     view Popescu, I.E.  (2009) in PDF format