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Records of Neochrysocharis chlorogaster Erdos, 1966 in Turkey:

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Gencer, L. 2009, Contribution to the knowledge of the chalcid parasitoid complex (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of agromyzid leafminers (Diptera: Agromizidae) from Turkey, with new hosts and records. Journal of Plant Protection Research 49(2):159    
Ulubilir, A.; Yabas, C. 2000, Studies on population development of leafminers (Liriomyza spp.) and parasitation situation. Bulletin. Section Regionale Ouest Palaearctique, Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique. 23(1):151-156    
Keywords: Greenhouse
Yabas, C.; Ulubilir, A. 1995, Investigations on the population fluctuations and parasitization of the leaf miner (Liriomyza trifolii Burgess). Bitki Koruma B├╝lteni 35(1-2):35-44