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Records of Oligosita Walker, 1851 in Thailand:

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Hayat, M.; Viggiani, G. 1984, A preliminary catalogue of the Oriental Trichogrammatidae (Hym.: Chalcidoidea). Bollettino del Laboratorio di Entomologia Agraria 'Filippo Silvestri', Portici 41:31 [ Cited as Oligosita sp. collina Walker-group. ]     view Hayat, M.; Viggiani, G.  (1984) in PDF format
Hirashima, Y.; Aizawa, K.; Miura, T.; Wongsiri, T. 1979, Field studies on the biological control of leafhoppers and planthoppers (Hemiptera: Homoptera) injurious to rice plants in south-east Asia. Progess report for the year 1977. Esakia 1979(13):1-20    
Vungsilabutr, P. 1981, Relative composition of egg-parasite species of Nilaparvata lugens, Sogatella furcifera, Nephotettix virescens and Nephotettix nigropictus in paddy fields in Thailand. Tropical Pest Management 27(3):313-317